15 Modern Mobile App Features That Can Change How Users View Your App!

Most of the apps use online payment methods that facilitate the user to pay according to their convenience. But the thing is, end-users only prefer to use those apps with secure payment https://globalcloudteam.com/ gateways because nobody wants to get the victim of online fraud. So, it would be best if the apps have a trusted and secure payment method where users can pay with ease and feel safe.

Users are free to share their experiences while using the app. This feature has become one of the main parts of mobile applications. The app industry is opting for this idea to broadcasting their brands on the real platform.

Integration of Augmented Reality in Multiple Systems

Getting an understanding of that is best achieved by asking the user. You give your clients the opportunity to let you know what they would like to see in the app if you add a feedback button. If you don’t realize what your customers want, a competitor might, and you could lose a lot of business if you do not meet their needs.

The mobile app success rate is also affected by how updated the mobile app is. Voice search is also one of the key cool phone apps your customers want. AnvilEight is a company of professionals with industry experience that provides software development services. The company creates web and mobile applications for both businesses and individuals. Their mission is to provide high-quality technology services locally, nationally and internationally while making it easy to work inside the company and with the company from outside.

Mobile App Features

The survey revealed that AI features are not that important to customers, and that automatic savings features are in low demand. Features in this category are highly valued by customers as they turn to FIs for financial guidance amid rising inflation and interest rates. Four of the 10 features most valued by consumers fell into the security and control category—but these features were the least supported by banks.

Both these features determine your app experience and how the users will rate it. A smooth checkout from any online process is well-appreciated by any user, while the search option lets them look for something they want on the internet. They are vital for advertising and socially supporting your clients’ time with your app on the internet, where many people tend to care very little about them and their wishes. After design, colors, and functions, you must consider why people use your app and know what customers want. If your app features don’t meet customers’ requirements, then your competitor might.

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The Internet of things relies on this dictum and seamlessly comprises different kinds of hardware and software. With the integration of mobile apps with diverse systems that are part of a larger ecosystem, they fulfill their role and help in completing a bigger role in the ecosystem too. Alignment with modern technologies, standards, and protocols helps in establishing interoperability through mobile apps, especially with the help of beacon and BLE technology. So try to make your app available on most of them for maximizing your output from your customers. Apart from it, open communication between you and the user provides more advantages. Their feedback will help you to make improvements where needed.

  • Consider allowing customers to check out as a guest without login.
  • The more people use your application, the better chances you have of earning a high amount of revenue from it.
  • The importance of mobile apps has been recognized by businesses across the globe with over 5 million apps available for different operating systems.
  • Knowing the different advantages related to using mobile app development frameworks, let’s get an idea of the tools and SDK it empowers developers with.
  • Look for more sophisticated mobile banking features that can help you be more proactive when managing your money and making financial decisions—from wherever you are.
  • This multichannel enabler also acts as a catalyst to help online Marketplaces by creating an optimized integration ecosystem for a smooth seller onboarding and streamlined product data feed flow.

A great website & great mobile app storefront together have the potential of increased mobile app success rate. It can be added that displaying reviews on your app is one of the many must-have app features. You are also planning to launch your online website through a great successful mobile app. Data Science has now made its presence felt in a number of business spheres. Utilizing data science models in business apps would help in fulfilling the demand for timely predictions and accurate demographic targeting required increasing sales. Not only that, by integrating machine learning attributes, you will be able to analyze your targeted users’ behavior patterns, which will help you bring about an effective outcome for your app.

You can use this Ally Surprise Savings tool even with non-Ally checking accounts. Instead of swiping or inserting a card, you hold your phone close to the ATM or tap it on the contactless symbol so the near-field communication system can detect your card information. You need to perform user research, market research, and competition research to identify the gaps that your app can fill with the set of features.

The Best Features to Have in Your Mobile App

The vulnerability centered around insecure WiFi connections, which could be used to obtain a driver’s username, password, and PIN number—the info required to locate, unlock and start the car. It also helps to build relationships with existing customers and also gives your application an international appearance. A multilingual application is the most cost-effective marketing tool.

Mobile App Features

Pictured above, Seamless has an incredibly user-friendly checkout process. Join our newsletter to be the 1st to know insider tips on growing your business with technology. Encrypt all data – use additional layers of encryption to avoid broken cryptography.

Security on all fronts

Recent research by Jmango concludes that users in the digital domain spend 90% of their time on apps and only 10% on using the rest of the internet. A key Insight for e-commerce websites is that users spend around 200 minutes per month shopping on the app while only 11 minutes shopping on the website. A QR or a barcode scanner proves especially useful for retail stores. The customer can just scan the QR or barcode printed on a particular product, and all the information regarding the product would pop on the mobile screen. Explore whether your product or service is such that you will benefit from a QR code or barcode scanner.

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5 new features coming to WhatsApp mobile app and web soon Mint.

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On mobile, without the benefit of a mouse and a keyboard, it’s far more onerous to select objects and input information than it is on desktop. On mobile especially, scrolling is favored over clicking, so keep that in mind when developing the architecture and content of your app. Your mobile app should be optimized to keep clicks and field entries to an absolute minimum, all without limiting functionality. Artificial intelligence is one of the top technologies that have revolutionized almost every industry. By adding AI’s touch in your app, you can serve your customers better by suggesting to them products similar to the one they have added to the cart. You can also show them recommendations and do a lot more to enhance their experience.

Be sure to employ these critical mobile app security practices for your customers’ safety and security. Mobile app navigation is part of responsive design and UI/UX – but important enough to warrant its own place on the list of features. Intuitive, really easy navigation app is imperative to keep users. Many of these mobile application features cross over into each other; simplified navigation is no different. Aside from their inherent convenience, mobile devices are among the most powerful tools available today, while also playing a pivotal role in society.

Search Feature

Mobile app designs need to be centered on the touch experience itself for maximum interactivity and success of the app. If it is something that people can interact with, then it’s likely that there is an app available for it. Well designed apps are eye-catching and make you want to use them, whilst poorly designed ones are just frustrating and don’t do what we want them to. Your app needs to be available on the leading mobile operating system- iOS, Android, and windows.

Also, a good mobile application should avoid the chances of making a customer run in circles to select a product. Social media sharing is not restricted to picture sharing anymore. Most apps now include social media integration so that users can communicate and collaborate with other people, irrespective of whether they have the same app or not. App owners also reap the advantage of having social media on their apps since more users sharing their stuff will, in turn, impact their reach and growth positively. Making social media integration seamless is the key here with social sharing buttons directly at the side of every app page.

Mobile app development developed by professional mobile app developers must include the features mentioned above to increase potential users and for the success of your business. Thus, with the rising demand for mobile applications, it is essential for business houses to hire a top mobile app development company to get the desired results. The image above illustrates the definition of app development frameworks. In simple words, it is a software creation toolset that simplifies the mobile app development process in terms of building a feature-rich and compatible mobile app. Supporting maximum devices allows maximum customers to access your store. It expands your customer base and it showcases your well-done research in terms of what mobile app features your customers want the most.

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Augmented reality technology is known for rendering 3D content over real-world objects in real-time using a mobile in-app camera. The incredible experience delivered by AR technology in different ways improves the engagement level. For instance, the virtual try-on feature has scored high popularity in commercial apps such as Ikea to view how the furniture looks in their house. Face detection feature based on AI technology is not limited to biometric identification and verification. Instead, its use is extended to contactless payments and authentication, device access control and security, check age, monitoring attendance, and more.

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This way, you get free- word-of-mouth publicity, a powerful form of app marketing. As more users share their content, the app will benefit from the increased reach derived from social media presence. The key to great social media integration is to make the social sharing buttons easily accessible. An application will become successful only if its users are satisfied with its every feature and function even if it lacks some features which were expected by them. In order to gain trust from your targeted audience, you need to provide them with complete support related to your product even after it has been launched into the market.

Feature 2. Timely Updates

Augmented reality technology enhances the user experience by offering them three-dimensional digital content or objects of the real-world perception on mobile platforms. The technology started an era of digital transformation information, with a real-time environment. Ultimately, with even the slightest security breach, you may ruin your business reputation and even lose your company fighting the ensuing legal battles.


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