13 Tips To Optimize Content Readability For More Conversions

There are thousands of sizes and fonts, but simplicity is the key to better legibility. For example, fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, Helvetica, and Open Sans are user friendly. One permanent visitor is more valuable than dozens of casual visitors.

how to improve website readability

Tone of voice and great content are crucial for communicating on the Internet. Nevertheless, the best copywriting is for nothing if users don’t read the text. Flesch-Kincaid takes into account the amount of syllables in a word and amount of words in a sentenceas a measurement for readability. This means that you should use short words and short sentences in your content if you want to have a good score on this. There are also plenty of algorithms that are designed to measure content readability and that is how robots or search engines measure them. In terms of metrics and standards, content readability is usually measure by approximately estimating students of which grade could understand the written text.

As per the Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease scale, scores run between 0 and 100. A score of is equivalent to a 7th grader, aged 12 years. This means that the content is fairly easy to read. However, it all begins with gaining your site visitors’ attention by presenting them clear, complication-free, readable content. If you apply this to your e-content, readability will make more sense to you. To cut to the chase, all words in the online sphere are written for better communication.

The Cloze test provides a nice score, so you can rerun the test after a rewrite to see if the text has improved enough. After study participants have performed their test tasks, we can further measure comprehension by giving them various forms of exams. These can range from a simple memory test to more complex questions that truly probe people’s understanding of the material. As competition for high rankings in SERPs intensify, it is only logical that you produce content that is easy to read.

What Is The Flesch Score?

This is because many of the visitors don’t read your content. However, the permanent reader will always engage with your content. Limit your fonts by using Google fonts or by limiting your fonts to one or two fonts.

how to improve website readability

So, instead of wasting time on one point, visitors can jump directly to the information they are looking for. Of course, this is in addition to the SEO benefits headers provide. Additionally, always use spoken language rather than written language. Writing in a conversational tone can make a huge difference in making your text readable. Here are a few tips on how to make your content readable.

According to UXmatters, the way to guarantee high readability levels is to look at the value contrast between body text and background color. The suggested minimum for readability is a contrast of 80%. When working on a piece of business content, Grammarly will flag any use of the passive voice and misuse of pronouns, but allow for some use of informality. You can input content you’re working on directly into the tool, or you can use a URL for content that already exits . You can customize the tone of voice you’d like your content to have, ranging from casual to formal, and check whether any content in the document is plagiarized.

Awesome post, I personally uses readability instead of clearly. The main way to test comprehension of web content is standard user testing, sometimes with small modifications for content testing. If mobile users are important to you, be even briefer and simplify even more. The smaller viewport hurts comprehension because users can see little context at a glance and can’t easily refer back to previously read information. Look for alternative words that are simple and easy to understand.

These help connect sentences and give a direction to your reader. Try to employ simple vocabulary to catch your readers’ attention. Eventually, your readers understand that you come from a position of authority. Multiple things happen – they resonate with your values, you convince them with your words, they see you as someone who understands them and so on. Fortunately, readability can get you some eyeballs. By improving your content’s readability, you attempt to take all the attention-grabbing steps to encourage people to read more of your content.

Whats The Meaning Of Readability?

User testing would clarify the link between proxy scores and the real-world usability and comprehensibility of websites but that process was beyond the scope of this study. The authors also did not have the capacity to investigate accessibility for people who do not speak or understand the English language. Whether design scores varied within, and between, website providers was assessed.

You’ll also want to focus on the size of your text’s headers. Going too big with the header and having a large amount of content can turn-off readers, causing them to leave your website. User-friendly headers are a major factor in having scannable, easy to digest content.

While there’re no hard rules on how short should a paragraph be, generally it’s best to write three or four sentences per paragraph. Copy your content to Hemingway App — a free tool to improve your writing — and look for sentences highlighted in red. Those are long sentences, try to break it down and remove the unnecessary words. Aim at an 8th-grade reading level if targeting a broad consumer audience. If you follow the guidelines above, as well as other best practices for clean typography, you’ll be unlikely to need special tests for legibility. If your content readability is high, your visitors are more likely to grasp the most important points you’re trying to pass across.

how to improve website readability

They believe in a holistic approach to SEO, meaning that a good user experience is better for search engine rankings. Secondly, they argue that if your content is easily readable, your site visitors will spend more time on your pages, and they will come back to them. Design factors that contributed to readability and accessibility were also assessed. The appointments page was assessed, as it was thought that there would be appointments content on most websites and it has relevance to both new and existing patients. A score out of eight was given if there were no images; a score out of 10 was given if images had been used. Your goal as a blogger should be to give your readers an amazing user experience.

Tips To Improve Your Contents Readability

You can focus your energy on increasing readability. Bulk SEO Tools also has text tools to quickly remove any duplicate lines, add or remove line breaks, and even add prefixes or suffixes if you’re working with a list. This tool focuses website readability on the mechanics of writing rather than the science of SEO content – nonetheless, it’s incredibly valuable and belongs on this list. There are other tools out there that use readability formulas and are worth taking a look at.

  • Readability refers to the clarity of the content you write.
  • Readability means how much of the text a person can read, comprehend, and understand all in one view.
  • Finally, the text gives multiple examples for each strategy, making it easier for people to see what they can expect from Zapier’s automation software.
  • Poorly written content equates to poor user experience (and high-quality content should be written with the search engines and the user in mind).

The content is skimmable, written with concise sentences. Here are tips to make sure you are writing readable content and one tool that can easily help check readability, even for a 2000 word post. When it comes to informative blog posts, readers look for short, concise posts. Therefore, it is advisable not to stick to the minimum words of 300, as Google suggests for search engine optimization purposes.

At the end of my college career, I started becoming interested in web writing, website design and search engine optimization. After creating a few of my own personal websites and reading various books on SEO, I discovered my true passion was for writing. Even though I appreciated the art of web design and SEO, writing lit a fire in me. Some authors sin by starting thoughts with the same word. It may seem to the reader that he is told one idea several times in a row. Instead of understanding, you will cause irritation.

Tips To Optimize Content Readability For More Conversions

For instance, instead of using the word “excruciating”, you can simply say “severe”. Believe it or not, even the most knowledgeable scholars do not like reading complex text. Your goal should be to convert complex information into easy-to-read content. If your content is comprehensible, you will be able to pass your message to your visitors more clearly and concisely. Your audience will learn about your products and services, and anything else you have to offer.

Design, a buggy backend, font, and other factors play a significant role besides readability. However, this write-up talks mainly about the ‘R’ word. You probably learned about run on sentences in grade school, but for some people this is still a major issue.

A table makes it easy for readers to digest multiple information at once. Still, users sometimes do read web content, particularly when it includes information of interest to them. The key point is to grab users quickly, and get them interested before they decide to leave, which they often do right away. Headlines are particularly important for fast communication, and the first few words are even more important, given users’ tendency to scan. You can also run a Cloze test on individual pieces of content that are particularly important or which have caused problems in user testing.

#2 Writing Skills

General practice websites are an increasingly important point of interaction, but their readability is largely unexplored. One in four adults struggle with basic literacy, and there is a socioeconomic gradient. Readable content is a prerequisite to promoting health literacy.

Paragraph formatting is another factor that affects readability. Use white space, indentation, headings, bullet points, and other formatting methods to separate the information easily. Readability means how much of the text a person can read, comprehend, and understand all in one view. Maximizing readability increases the amount of information and insights the reader will receive. Readability on the web has to overcome many hurdles.

Content Usability: Beyond Legibility, Readability, And Comprehension

Another common pitfall in writing blog posts is that writers often try to make their content beautifully written. We applaud this goal – if they’re Kazuo Ishiguro aiming for their next nomination for the Nobel Prize in Literature. Poorly written content equates to poor user experience (and high-quality content should be written with the search engines and the user in mind). Yoast is a free WordPress plugin that many digital marketers use to check the basic SEO of their content, but it can also give you a content readability score.

However, breaking the text through relevant images will keep the reader interested. Sadly, many people copy content from other websites. But have you ever considered what would happen if your reader finds words in your content they have already read on another website? Their respect for you and your blog will instantly dissipate. This can be difficult to read because it causes your readers’ brains to readjust every time they come to a new font. Script fonts are particularly difficult to read and can be frustrating to many.

Add color to your text and contrast the font’s color with the background color. In simple words, readable websites are likely to rank high in the browsers. Users return to the site because they find your content easy to understand and the site feels accessible. Research keywords and use them throughout the post to stay on topic. SEO and keyword optimization are part of your content strategy, but there is such a thing as overkill. If you writing long sentences, the readers will lose interest in your content and cannot keep track of the information given in you piece of content.

Readable, engaging content is likely to increase time spent on page, social sharing, conversion rates and session numbers. Generally speaking, readability will improve if you keep things simple. Factors such as sentence length and word choice will impact your overall readability score. Conclusively, use shorter sentences, words, and paragraphs. Divide your text with subheadings and add reading supplements to it.


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